Meet Our Counselors

2769505“I was in college to study to become a physical therapist. We studied anatomy, physics, biology, Latin, etc. This was a tough curriculum and we actually did not see any patients or were able to help anybody. Then I was introduced to this particular method of life coaching and was taught a simple procedure to help people who are in physical pain. I thought it was interesting but I was skeptical that it would actually have any results. However, it did not seem to be able to hurt either because it was quite gentle. I decided to try it out on my neighbor who had just come out of a nursing facility because she had fractured her hip 3 months before. I did the procedure on her for about 40 minutes and lo and behold, she was out of pain for the first time after her fall. She was supposed to walk every day but had been cooped up in her house, afraid to fall again. Later on that day, I heard the sound of a push mower so I decided to look whose it was. It turned out that this lady was mowing her 3 months-high lawn! This made me decide to pursue these studies further and I have seen more of these miracles.”



Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering, Air Force College of Aeronautical Engineering.
Post graduate courses and research at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Administrative and management courses in Hubbard Management System.


Worked in high tech industry for 20 years and founded Integrated Computer Systems in 1983, that specialized in microcomputer networks and installation.
Founded MED-ICS Diagnostic Services in 1992 that specialized in servicing and analyzing computerized medical diagnostic systems.
Started Hubbard College of Administration, New York in 2001, a non-profit world wide network of colleges that teach the world’s largest used management system.
Involved in many civic projects, including volunteering for New York Firefighters Detoxification Project that helped clear lung and body ailments for over 150 firefighters who were injured and disabled due to inhaling debris at 9/11 site. Additionally worked with Greater New York Chamber of Commerce to educate local businesses in how to handle after effects of 9/11.

Why I do Life coaching

My purpose in life is to help others achieve their dreams, thereby achieving fulfillment and happiness. It’s actually very simple as to what I get out of it. Happiness is contagious and the more people I help to become more happy and able, the more I get back in return as happiness. It also gives me more lifelong friends and we can all use more friends.
It’s not possible to play the game of life just by oneself. Other players are necessary, including family, friends, associations and other parts of life. As these interact all around, it would be not very wise for me to neglect their conditions.
So I make it a big purpose of my life to help others achieve what they wish to achieve. Their reality and the way they can survive better is important to me as it makes me survive better as well. No unhappy person ever survived well as he/she is too far sunk in the sorrow of past.
As I can do something about it, it’s my duty and responsibility to do it.
Naturally to do this work, which is important to me and those I help, I must be fully knowledgeable and well trained in this task.
I have not just spent almost twenty years of my beginning life in schooling through colleges but also have spent the last 26 years training in a technical subject that delivers the goods. Now I have all the tools at my disposal to handle any situation in life for self and others.
Once a person has the knowledge of something that works it becomes his/her responsibility to share it with others. This makes the game of life more pleasurable since other players are happier to play it being in a higher condition.
SO I welcome one and all to come see me for a little chat and find out more about what is available for them. It may surprise you what you will find out. See you soon.